I don’t capture my life through pictures very well. Meh.

Let me tell you why there are some people I will never give up on. Why I would give them second and third chances even if they have hurt me once before. Why? Because they were the ones who warmed up to me, cracked open my shell, took my hands and told me it was okay to be myself in my own skin. There aren’t many people who are able to deal with the depression and hardship I’ve been through in life. I’m just thankful for those who made me stronger and who were there when I needed it most. I appreciate them with all my heart. Their kindness during my most devastated time of life outweighed everything else. Don’t think I’d be alive right now if it weren’t for these few people. I’ll never forget how it feels to be happy for once and smile with confidence. For this reason, I do random acts of kindness, expecting nothing in return.

This may just be another post on tumblr, and no one may read this, but kindness is underrated. People deserve so much more credit for all the little things they do. Any form of help, words of encouragement, a smile, a how are you doing, anything, everything, is something.

"Kindness is very underrated."
"There are beautiful days ahead, so pack your smiles because it will take you a lot further than you think (:"
"I hope one day I could touch people’s heart and make a difference the same way some have done to me."

Do you feel empty inside too?

I don’t understand how people can make you feel so close and mean so much to them, then make you feel completely distant. It’s like, did I do something wrong?

I slowly drift away from people because I feel like I’m bothering them

I censor my feelings 

Insecurities will ruin your relationships, the one you have with yourself included.

Forgiveness does not change anything, but it gives the future a chance.